WHERE’S JOHNNY? Not exhibiting leadership to confirm DeKalb County Justice Dax Lopez

Senior Senator Isakson stood idly by while
Junior Senator David Perdue refused to allow a vote

ATLANTA – In January, U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson’s ineffectiveness for Georgians hit a new low when he refused to stand up to Georgia’s junior U.S. Senator David Perdue who decided to block DeKalb County Judge Dax Lopez – a nominee both Isakson and Perdue recommended for the position – from getting a fair up or down confirmation vote. Rather than imploring his junior colleague do the right thing and allow a vote, the Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that “Sen. Johnny Isakson…respected Perdue’s decision but is ‘disappointed that Judge Lopez won’t get a hearing.’”

“While some may draw solace from Senator Isakson’s disappointment, the self-proclaimed ‘hardest working Senator’ still has not found time to meet with Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland or explain why he misses so many committee hearings,” said Dave Hoffman, campaign manager for investment manager and Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Jim Barksdale. “Where’s Johnny? Georgians need a U.S. Senator that will do their job and stand up for what is right.”

While Senator Isakson begs national Republicans to shore up his perilous chances for reelection, he announced he would be skipping debates proposed by major media outlets across the state.

Where’s Johnny? Is he hiding because he doesn’t want to tell Georgians why he won’t fight for them?



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