WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson Voted to Increase his Own Salary While Trying to Gut Social Security

Isakson can retire comfortably while Georgia seniors worry

ATLANTA – Senator Isakson has voted to increase his salary, now up to $174,000 per year, and while Isakson knows that he can retire comfortably, Georgia seniors are left worrying about the state of their financial security.

Where’s Johnny?

Senator Isakson has a long history of jeopardizing Georgia retirees:
We know that Social Security is crucial to over 1.1 million seniors in Georgia, as well as over 42 million seniors nationwide. While Isakson can retire comfortably, why would work so hard to ruin it for Georgians?

  • He voted against expanding Social Security benefits.
  • Senator Isakson advocated raising the retirement age to 69, significantly cutting benefits for all retirees, heavily impacting income inequality and overall, undercutting the purpose of Social Security.
  • In his very first speech on the Senate floor, Isakson argued for the privatization of Social Security claiming “we should embrace” and “encourage” it. Gambling Georgia’s seniors’ retirement on the stock market could cause millions of seniors to receive little, or none, of the benefits they earned over their lifetime.
  • Senator Isakson received over $2.3 million in campaign contributions from the financial industry that would benefit from the privatization of Social Security. In this current election, the Wall Street corporations and the financial industry have given Isakson $500,000 to try and keep him in Washington



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