WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson voted to cut Pell Grants, which over 270,000 Georgia students rely on

Isakson voted to make it harder for Georgia Students to pay for higher education

ATLANTA - As students return to Georgia campuses across the state, will Senator Isakson tell Georgians why he voted against making it easier to go to college?

Senator Isakson voted to cut student Pell Grants for up to 1.7 million students–the largest cut to Pell Grants in the history of the program – despite the fact that today over 270,000 Georgia students rely on it as a crucial step toward making higher education more affordable. Isakson is part of the problem in Washington that contributes to the escalating cost of higher education by making a college degree unattainable for thousands of Georgians. Where’s Johnny? On the wrong side of higher education.

With multiple public polls showing that Barksdale is within single digits, Senator Isakson is begging for help from national Republicans to hide from his record on students.

It’s been 20 days since Jim Barksdale challenged Senator Isakson to debates about the economy in each of Georgia’s primary media markets.



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