WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson repeatedly voted to raise his paycheck but doesn’t show up for work

ATLANTA- While Senator Isakson skipped out on committee hearings, he had no problems showing up to give himself a raise. American taxpayers pay Senator Isakson $174,000 per year in salary to be our Senator, and we can’t help but ask, what exactly are we paying Senator Isakson to do?

Where’s Johnny? Clearly not at his committee hearings.

Isakson’s dreadful attendance record:
It is one thing to miss a hearing here and there—but his chronic absence begs the question: what did Senator Isakson do to deserve a raise?

  • Senator Isakson has been silent in at least 71 percent of his Senate Commerce Committee Hearings where he touted “a seat at the table” but didn’t even bother participating.
  • Senator Isakson has been silent in at least 66 percent of his Small Business and Entrepreneur committee Hearings – Isakson did not participate in meetings addressing the opportunities for women entrepreneurs and reducing unemployment and increasing opportunities for veterans.
  • Senator Isakson did not participate in at least 55 percent of his Environment and Public Works Committee hearings. Along with his denial that climate change is caused by human activity, it’s no wonder he didn’t bother showing up to more than half of his committee hearings.
  • Isakson makes $174,000 a year from taxpayer’s dollars, the least we can expect is for Isakson to show up to at least 40 percent of his Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee hearings, but he doesn’t even do that.



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