WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson ignores Major Media outlets across Georgia willing to host US Senate debates

ATLANTA – Yesterday, Senator Isakson indicated that he would be skipping out on every US Senate debate except one, ignoring requests to host debates from major media outlets across the state. Investment manager and Democratic nominee for US Senate Jim Barksdale challenged Isakson to hold six general election debates on the economy in early August.

“Where’s Johnny? Is Senator Isakson skipping debates because he doesn’t want to explain his votes for bad foreign trade deals that send our jobs away or why he has voted against Georgia’s families, seniors, and college students?” asked Dave Hoffman, Jim Barksdale’s campaign manager. “I guess Georgians should be grateful as Isakson showing up for only one out of six debates is slightly worse than his attendance at his committee hearings.”

With multiple public polls showing that Barksdale is within single digits, The vulnerable incumbent is begging for help from national Republicans to hide from his terrible voting record and poor committee attendance.

The Barksdale Campaign received inquiries to host debates from:

WTOC in Savannah
13WMAZ in Macon/Perry
WXIA in Atlanta
WSB in Atlanta
WVEE CBS Radio in Atlanta
Atlanta Press Club
Athens Library



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