WHERE’S JOHNNY? Isakson’s Disastrous Record on Immigration Reform

September 20, 2016

Isakson voting record reveals anti-immigrant sentiment

ATLANTA – As we recognize Hispanic Heritage Month during a continuing national debate focused on US Immigration policy reform, Senator Isakson’s voting history proves that he is no friend to Georgia’s growing immigrant community. In 2013 Isakson voted against comprehensive immigration reform and continues to oppose any opportunity to provide a fair pathway to citizenship.

Where’s Johnny?

With a record like this, it is clear that Senator Isakson and his exclusionary policies do not reflect the values of everyday Georgians.

  • Senator Isakson has consistently opposed comprehensive immigration reform that provides a fair pathway to citizenship for undocumented Americans.
  • He has voted to fund efforts to speed the deportation of children fleeing violence in Central American and to send them back into the dangerous situations they fled.
  • Senator Isakson has opposed the DREAM Act to expand opportunity and a college education to all in America.
  • Senator Isakson has voted to build the wall along the Mexican border.
  • He has a lifetime B grade from Numbers USA, which the Southern Poverty Law Center describes as one of the “three faces of intolerance” and was founded by a “man with deep racist roots” who has declared that the United States must maintain “a European-American majority.”


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