Tenet Healthcare’s Kickback Scheme Another Example of Corporations Plundering Rigged Economy

October 3, 2016

Tenet Healthcare’s $513 million settlement with the US Department of Justice for fraud and violation of federal kickback laws in Georgia is the latest demonstration that our health care system is focused on profits rather than serving people. The two Georgia hospitals involved, Atlanta Medical Center and North Fulton Hospital, cheated the Medicaid system by bribing clinics to illegally refer over 20,000 patients back to them. To make matters worse, most of these women were undocumented Hispanic immigrants, making this exploitation of Medicaid even more troubling.

Whether it’s Mylan profiteering off lifesaving Epipens, or this latest example of Medicaid fraud in our homes, it is time our representatives took action to bring down health care costs, and stop playing politics with matters so important to Americans. Maybe the reason Senator Isakson does little to lower health care costs is because his donors won’t let him.


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