Statement On Senator Isakson’s Culpable Silence on Trump Tapes

Despite the horrific tape of Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault, preying on married women, and describing women in terms that can’t be played in earshot of a child, Senator Isakson continues to support Donald Trump for President. Unlike other Republican leaders from across America who repudiated Donald Trump’s candidacy, Senator Isakson still endorses him, putting the support of the party over the dignity of mothers, daughters, sisters, and other women in our lives.

While focus on recovery from Hurricane Matthew is the priority of all Georgians today, Trump’s statements demand strong action. Senator Isakson’s continued support for Donald Trump shows that he is clearly out of touch with an issue that’s obvious to all Georgians in their minds, hearts, and guts.

It’s clear that Senator Isakson’s country-club Republican mentality sees boasting about sexual assault as a big joke that will blow over instead of a real issue that will influence voters on November 8th. We’ll see what the women of Georgia—and all Georgians of conscience—have to say about Senator Isakson’s silence on Election Day.


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