New poll in Georgia’s U.S. Senate race


We have new poll numbers in Georgia’s U.S. Senate race that show incumbent Republican Senator Johnny Isakson could be forced into a runoff.

Lori Geary: Because there are three candidates in this race, there is the possibility of a runoff if no one gets 50 percent plus one come November. It happened in 2008 when Libertarian candidate Allen Buckley forced Jim Martin and Saxby Chambliss into a runoff. This year, Buckley is back.

“Johnny Isakson is going to win by double digits, I promise. I will bet my house on it.” Republican strategist

Brian Robinson echoes the sentiments of his party across Georgia, but new poll numbers suggest Johnny Isakson could head into a runoff against his democratic challenger businessman and political outsider, Jim Barksdale. In an exclusive WSBTV poll done by Landmark Rosetta stone, out of 500 likely GA voters, 46 percent say they’d vote for Isakson, 41 percent Jim Barksdale and 5 percent for libertarian Allen Buckley. Eight percent are undecided.

“In this late into a campaign, when an incumbent is under 50 percent, that spells big trouble.” Democratic strategist Billy Linville says this isn’t necessarily about Sen. Isakson, this is about the mood of the country. “I think this race is going to be very close. I think that the people of Georgia are tired of the obstructionists in the United States Congress and Johnny Isakson represents that.”

“The Democrats have not won a serious campaign against Isakson, ever, and this year won’t be any exception,” says Robinson.

Barksdale, though, is self-funding most of his campaign, pumping more than three million into it, but only raising $100,000. Isakson’s campaign is at about $6 million.

“After six years of not campaigning, people need to be reminded of his accomplishments, his record and who he is, and Isakson’s going to do that effectively,” Robinson says.

“Well, I’m waiting to hear those accomplishments by Sen. Isakson, because I don’t of any,” Linville replies.

Along with the huge presidential race, voters will decide the senate race on Nov 8.

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