New Emerson College Poll Shows Barksdale Surging

November 2, 2016 - The latest Emerson College Poll released today shows Jim Barksdale surging and closing the gap with Senator Isakson as Election Day nears. Additionally, this poll continues a pattern indicating that Senator Isakson struggles to break the 50%+1 threshold needed to avoid a run-off despite four-decades in the public eye.

“This poll is yet another that validates what we’ve been seeing, hearing, and feeling as we’ve traveled all across Georgia: folks are tired of Senator Isakson prioritizing Washington special interests over Georgia voters, and they’re looking for a Senator who will put Georgians first,” said Jim Barksdale, Democratic Candidate for US Senate. “Make no mistake—we’ve got the wind at our backs on the home stretch to Election Day.”

This latest poll shows the race at 48 for Isakson, 40 for Barksdale, and 5 for Buckley. Notably, Jim has picked up 8 points since the last Emerson poll in early September, which showed the race at 48 for Isakson, 32 for Barksdale, and 10 for Buckley. If no candidate crosses 50%+1 on November 8th, the race will head to a run-off election on January 10th.



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