Johnny Isakson and His Broken Congress Kick the Can Down the Road Yet Again

​September 30, 2016

As Washington again fails to pass a real budget with a strategic plan for America’s future, Barksdale calls for ‘No Budget, No Pay’

Atlanta, Ga. – Yesterday, Senator Johnny Isakson and Congress yet again abandoned one of their most basic duties by failing to pass a comprehensive budget that would strategically chart the course forward for our nation. Instead, Sen. Isakson and his Washington pals passed a short-term spending agreement that kicks the can down the road – just the latest evidence that Washington is broken and incapable of implementing a comprehensive strategic agenda that can help create jobs, rebuild our infrastructure, and protect Social Security and Medicare.

Today Jim Barksdale pledged to support No Budget, No Pay Act so that if Congress won’t do its job and pass a budget, it won’t get paid.

“It’s simple – one of the most basic jobs of Congress is to pass a budget that plans for our nation’s future, but Senator Isakson and his Washington pals have failed over and over again to fulfill this key responsibility,” Georgia investment manager and Senate candidate Jim Barksdale said. “Here in Georgia in the business world, if we don’t do our job, then we don’t get paid. It should be the same for Congress, which is why I’ll support the No Budget, No Pay Act that won’t allow Congress to receive a paycheck until it passes a budget. It’s time to bring real world business sense to Washington, D.C.”

The No Budget, No Pay Act requires Congress to pass a comprehensive budget and associated appropriations bills for the upcoming fiscal year by each October 1, or it will prohibit members of Congress from receiving their paychecks until they do so.



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