ATLANTA – Yesterday, the Atlanta Journal Constitution recovered video of an exchange that Georgia Republicans have been liberally misquoting to smear investment manager Jim Barksdale, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, concluding that “Somebody owes somebody an apology here.”

Jim Barksdale’s Campaign Manager Dave Hoffman issued the following reaction:

The apology that the Atlanta Journal Constitution is seeking should be one from Senator Johnny Isakson to the people of Georgia for supporting bad foreign trade deals, tax breaks allowing corporations to outsource our jobs and his votes to deregulate Wall Street that have hurt our economy.

Senator Isakson’s war in Iraq cost thousands of American lives and added trillions to our debt while creating the power vacuum and chaos that gave rise to ISIS.

Senator Isakson’s bad policies and eight votes to increase the debt ceiling have helped drive up the national debt to over $18 trillion, threatening our nation with more economic decline.

Jim Barksdale believes ISIS terrorists are our enemy and should be dealt with accordingly and the Georgia GOP knows it – which is why they readily lied about Jim’s words because they thought nobody would ever find proof.

Jim Barksdale also believes if our nation grows any weaker economically thanks to more of Senator Isakson’s destabilizing decisions, we’ll have a lot more enemies and it will be a lot harder to fight them.

It is time for new leadership in Washington.


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