Barksdale Campaign Response to Isakson Ad

This statement is in response to the new Johnny Isakson Ad. It can be attributed to Gregory Minchak, Communications Director for the Jim Barksdale Campaign.

“Senator Isakson’s new ad on the Affordable Care Act titled “Disaster” should really be renamed for what the ad is: “Pathetic.” Senator Isakson says he wants to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act, but in the six years that ACA has been law, Senate Republicans like Senator Isakson haven’t once put forth a plan for “replacement.”

“Jim Barksdale agrees rates are too high and ACA needs adjustments, but unlike Senator Isakson, the answer isn’t to strip health insurance from over 541,000 Georgians who now have coverage. Jim favors price-reducing amendments like allowing the government to negotiate with drug companies to bring prices down, an idea Senator Isakson opposes because he would upset his special interest campaign donors. In the meantime, this ad is as phony and out-of-touch as Senator Isakson. Given that Senator Isakson wants to kill this life-saving law, let’s see how the 541,000 Georgians who now have coverage due to the Affordable Care Act vote on November 8th.”



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