Jim credits his success in business to making sure his clients and his employees were always protected. He stood up to Wall Street and their easy housing profits and when the financial crisis hit in 2008, his clients didn’t lose all of their retirement savings. In fact, Jim took on personal debt himself to make sure he could keep all of his employees on the payroll during the downturn. Jim doesn’t see those values in action in Washington today, and in the U.S. Senate, he’ll do all he can to help create more good paying jobs, protect Social Security and Medicare from drastic changes and stand up to the Washington crowd by auditing the Federal government to make sure our tax dollars are being wisely spent.


As an investment manager, Jim has seen that for far too long, politicians have helped corporations increase their profits while ignoring the needs of everyday citizens. Self-interested industry lobbyists with the loudest voices or largest pockets are writing the rules themselves – first giving corporations tax breaks for the costs of shipping jobs overseas and fighting to protect them – while affected workers face declining wages or even job losses.

Today, we have more income inequality than any developed nation on earth and it’s at the highest levels since the 1920s. While technology has helped make American workers the most productive in the world, median incomes have fallen.

Jim believes Washington’s failed policies have to change in order to get America growing again, and we can start by increasing the minimum wage because nobody working 40-hours per week should live in poverty.

As a successful business owner, Jim knows that to create jobs and increase wages we have to invest for growth. Jim will invest in our infrastructure and education so Georgians see a return on their tax dollars. He is going to fight for a broader economy that provides all Georgians with better job opportunities and higher wages.


Today, Social Security provides financial retirement security to over 1.1 million Georgia seniors and over 42 million seniors nationwide. Jim knows that Georgia’s seniors cannot afford to have Social Security weakened by delaying retirement or by privatizing the program. Letting Wall Street soak up what Georgians have paid into from careers of hard work with fees just to gamble those earnings on the stock market is totally irresponsible. Jim will oppose any efforts to weaken or privatize Social Security, or convert Medicare into a voucher system.


Jim is running for the U.S. Senate because Georgians need a voice that will stand up to the crowd in Washington and hold them accountable. As a result of poor policy decisions, our national debt has risen $12.5 trillion since 1999 while median incomes have fallen.

On issue after issue, from the pharmaceutical giveaways, bailouts to bad actors on Wall Street, bad foreign trade deals that harm wages and job opportunities in Georgia and across America, to the Washington crowd’s inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform, our elected leaders in Washington are doing the bidding of the special interests and their lobbyists rather than listening to people.

In the U.S. Senate, Jim will stop bad trade deals that leave American workers on unequal footing; audit the Federal Government and eliminate loopholes that don’t help the economy; and fix our broken campaign finance system that rewards elected leaders to put the interests and campaign contributions of the special interests and their lobbyists ahead of the people and good governance.

Jim believes it’s time to elect new leaders that will hold Washington accountable and that is why he’s running for U.S. Senate.

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