Those who put on a uniform to protect our values and our freedom need a country that shows its gratitude by honoring them with timely high quality health care.

Our Veterans should never be used as political pawns in the games the Washington crowd plays, and the failures of the Veterans Administration must be addressed in a straightforward and fair way.

Honoring our Veterans also means not going into unilateral wars of choice, like Iraq in 2003, where there is not a clear purpose or exit strategy.

It means taking care of veterans when they return home by ensuring strong programs that help veterans find good jobs, translate the skills they’ve learned in the military into a career, and ensure they have access to a quality and affordable college education.

Georgia’s 752,000 Veterans and their families – including many that live in rural counties without easy transportation options to VA facilities – need to be able to get timely high quality health care where they live.

As a U.S. Senator, Jim will work with the VA and hospitals to find a fair and equitable way to get Veterans the health care they’ve earned serving our country and defending our freedom.

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