As a student of history, Jim has long been interested in the rich history of the Middle East. He had the opportunity to visit Israel and the West Bank in 2010, after President Obama’s historic speech in Cairo in 2009.

Jim believes all nations, including Israel, have a right to self-defense and to live in safety, security and peace and free from terrorist attacks. He also believes tensions in the region are only exacerbated by continued expansion of settlements and ultimately make Israel less safe.

Like most members of Israel’s national security establishment have acknowledged, Jim agrees that failing to reach a peaceful end to hostilities and arrive at a two-state solution represents a threat to Israel’s existence and identity as a democracy and Jewish homeland. He also supports efforts to enhance Israeli security.

Under no circumstances does Jim believe Iran should be allowed to obtain a nuclear weapon, which is why Jim is a supporter of the Iranian nuclear deal negotiated by the P5+1 in Vienna in 2015.

But we cannot trust Iran to keep up their end of the bargain – we must remain vigilant and be ready to reimpose punishing sanctions immediately if Iran fails to comply with their end of the deal.

As a U.S. Senator, Jim will be a voice for using all the tools of diplomacy in the pursuit of peace.

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