As a result of poor policy decisions, our debt has risen $12.5 trillion since 1999 while median incomes have fallen.

On issue after issue, from the pharmaceutical giveaways, bailouts to bad actors on Wall Street, bad foreign trade deals that harm wages and job opportunities in Georgia and across America, to the Washington crowd’s inability to pass comprehensive immigration reform, our elected leaders in Washington are doing the bidding of the special interests and their lobbyists rather than listening to people.

  • Bad Foreign Trade Deals: For too long bad foreign trade deals have been written without giving American workers a level playing field.
  • Wasteful spending: It’s time we audit the Federal Government and weed out double-spending, reduce overlapping programs, simplify the nearly 75,000-page tax code1 and eliminate tax loopholes that do not help our economy.
  • Campaign finance reform: Our broken campaign finance system rewards elected leaders who put the interests and campaign contributions of the special interests and their lobbyists ahead of the people and good governance. Jim supports repealing the disastrous Citizens United decision through a constitutional amendment that allows the states and Congress to regulate campaign finance and prevent our elections from being sold to the highest bidder – large corporations and the very rich.

Jim believes it’s time to elect new leaders that will hold Washington accountable and that is why he’s running for U.S. Senate.


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